June 3, 2007

  • Mool Nengmyun vs. Bibim Nengmyun

    I always crave mool nengmyun on hot summer days, so last weekend Mr. Bee and I went to Yu Chun on 35th St.  I got the mool nengmyun…


    and he got the bibim nengmyun.


    Yum yooksoo – I love this stuff!


    Their mool nengmyun was not as good as the first time I was here.  The broth was nice and slushy then, but alas not this time.  Their bibim nengmyun was actually a lot better.  When we were leaving I noticed that I was the only one in the whole restaurant who was eating mool nengmyun – everyone was eating bibim nengmyun!

    I just bought a diy mool nengmyun kit from the market yesterday.  I’ve never tried making it at home, but will let you know how it goes!

    Which do you like better?  Mool nengmyun or bibim nengmyun?  I love both so much it’s too hard to decide!

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  • lol i’m not a fan of either

  • i never got a chance to try that place.

    the do-it-yourself kits are not very good in my opinion. it’s not worth the convenience. better to buy everything separately and make it yourself. or eat out.

  • both.

    they both give out that “shi won han” giboon.

    at least with mool, u can drink it, but wid bibim, u just have to drink the hot moo gook or sumtin

  • i prefer the “chilk” mool naengmyun…the slushy yooksoo. i’ve never cared much for plain (non slushy) mool naengmyun…

  • mool neng myun is better! i tried going to the yu chun in pal pk yesterday, but it was so packed we ended up going somewhere else.

  • i love both… i typically like bibim naengmyun @ restaurants but when it comes to mool naengmyun, my mom’s is the best.. your post is making me crave some naengmyun~

  • i looooove mool naengmyun!! yum. :D

  • i’m going to sound very stupid here, but i haven’t had either… what’s the difference?  i haven’t had the opportunity to eat a lot of korean food… must look for some good restaurants in my area.  both look delicious!

  • i like both, but mool naengmyun tends to be the winner whenever i’m faced with the dilemma of choosing. do you have recipes for both? :)

  • i love bibim nengmyun!!!! with extra extra cucumbers and egg. i love making it at home so i can pretty pile on the cucumbers w/o looking like a freak :D

  • Im a Mool nengmyun girl~ love that stuff! ;op

  • i like nengmyung, period.  so good!!

  • i just had mool nengmyun at yuchun in pal park yesterday.  i think it’s still popular there. def. mool nengmyun if yer all hot and thirsty.

  • i can’t stand mool nengmyun…to me, noodles should be warm.  bibim nengmyun is better but i don’t like the buckwheat noodle….the instant bibim nengmyun is pretty freakin good, and they use the flour noodles.  something about brown noodles and cold noodles i guess…

  • i went to that place once but can never go there again.  the nengmyun was pretty good but where there are flies everywhere, and they serve you warm kimchi, food suddenly isn’t so appetizing.
    i like either mool or hwe nengmyun.

  • bibim!! though, truthfully, it’s been a looong time since i’ve ordered mool nengmyun.

  • i like the bibim nengmyun better. the kit comes with the dark buckwheat noodles and 5 packets of powder for the soup. its so simple to make! cook up the noodles, then drain it in cold water to get the excess brown water out. then i mix it with the red pepper paste and thin sliced green onions, and a boiled egg (also radish and cucumber if i have any). as for the soup, i use cold drinking water adn mix it til how i like it. i wish i knew the name of the brand i bought, but its in a blue bag, with teh korean cartoon girl as the logo. its about 2 bucks a bag! and serves up to 5 servings!


  • you know what i made bibim nengmyun with gooksoo once = = cause i ran out of nengmyun the taste ain’t that bad hahahaha

    i like mool nengmyun and bibim nengmyun but it really depends how i feel that day but i prefer bibim nengmyun more usually :)

  • you need the cold soup for the summer!!!

  • i LOVE mool nengmyun!

  • bibim nengmyun all the way. just had youchun’s today yum.

  • mool neng over bibim ANY DAY!!! but its gotta be hamhung style mool nengmyun. i cant stand buckwheat noodles from yuchun~ bleh

  • mool neng during the summer!

  • sadly, i don’t even know what the difference is.  i’ve never had good nengmyun in the city.  i’ll have to try that place!

  • I’ve never tried it.. but I will soon! Thanks! =)


    you know.  when you use those kits.. i like to use a little bit of sprite in my nengmyun yooksoo.  its really good..(even though it sounds nasty).. so try it! 

  • I like mool myen whatever the word is in the second word.

  • bibim is better

  • I wonder if that’s the same yu chun as in LA.  I’m not usually a naengmyun person (the noodles are way too chewy for me), but yu chon’s chic bibim naengmyun is actually really good that even I like it, especially the yummy icy broth.  I always ask for more broth.  But my favorite is their wang mandoo.

  • spicy bibim for me! but either of them after galbi is just fine

  • yummyyyyy – i have no idea where to get that here! the last time i had it was at the airport!!

  • both.. depends on my mood

  • mool neng ftw

  • oh! ooooooohhhh!  then you will love the neng myun from kyungdong shijang in seoul!  it is the greatest neng myun every.  do you know why?

    its got mool and bibim hot in it!  its a mix between mool neng myun and bi bim neng myun.  it is especially tasty on the hot summer days.  this one will definitly get your taste buds going.  its so hot but yet so slushy cool.  in fact, its so good and so hot that your mouth and tongue hurts.  and the only way to cool it off is to keep drinking the icy mool.  but yet its like a never ending cycle cause your tongue reburns from it.  until you finish it and then you are nice and full and 100% totally satisfied. 

    i think this one is called halma jib.  not the one next to the tent with the whole dog for sale.  that one is good but not as good.

  • I have let to try mool nengmyun but I have tried bibim nengmyun . It was SO spicy. I don’t really know how a proper nengmyun should be prepared, I still find it good.

  • I never liked mool nengmyun, but I love Bibim nengmyun.

  • mmmm yuchun mool naengmyun is my favorite! i have yet to try a mool naengmyun that compares to yuchun. i’ve never tried their bibim naengmyun…must have that next time.

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  • Hey waddup?? Nyc blog…pretty impressive!!  Check dis out…. http://www.bigadda.com/Boss/quiz.php?type=web&uid=2239

  • i go to ur xanga whenever i get hungry!

    but ur site just makes me more hungry :(

  • I love both… now I’m craving for some nengmyun…

  • depends on my mood…must more times than not, i’ll choose mool neng-myun.

  • i like to order both and mix it up a bit.


  • love both!  for the diy kind, try Pulmuone Green Tea NaengMyunThe key is to freeze the broth packets b4 serving.  Also key is to make oh-ee/moo moo-chim and hard boiled eggs.  YUM!

  • wow, i don’t know what either is nor have i ever had it.  i suddenly realize… i am not familiar with much korean food… hmm

  • i love chilk neng myun  =)

  • i like bibim nangmyun better!

  • nengmyun… hm, i’m more a fan of rice dishes. bibimbap anyday!

  • isn’t yooksoo msg soup?

  • mool in summer. bibim in winter.

  • hwae neng myun!

  • it’s all about the mool neng myun..

  • mool neng myun! ….but yoo chun’s mool neng myun is kinda weird. i kinda got sick of it after the 3rd time around.

  • if you put a gun to my head, i’d pick mool. but i like both.

  • i surrender.

  • you forgot to mention they sell soju for $7 and cham eesl soju for $10! best place ever!

  • i’m a total bibim nengmyun lover :)

    and yooksoo is the bestest… wish they offered that with other meals…

  • i actually never tried both, thanks! now i have excuses to dine out =).

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ok… people who are korean and don’t like nengmyun (like my sister) are freaks.

    mul is the best, when it’s slightly frozen and really vinegary… with kalbi…

    heck yeah..

  • mool neng myun any day! it’s harder to make the yook soo than the bibim sauce!

  • i like bimbim better because tasting cold noodle soup throws me off, however do enjoy nonetheless.

  • I do not… understand the enthusiasm behind mool nehng myun… I eat it and sort of enjoy it when it’s the sun of summer… but I always wolf down the vinegar water and then make the rest, by myself, into bibim. buckwheat noodles, ice water and vinegar… seriously?

  • I lub those foods…

    yook soo’s are awesome.

  • I love neng myung~  it’s one of my favorite foods.  there’s this really good mool neng myun place in NJ.  You should go try it.  it’s only 15 – 20 minutes from the city.

  • love mul naeng mein. If I have time I make it myself. My husband likes my version better than the restaurant.

    I make dong chimi kimchi in the late winter and use the sour/seltzer like kimchi water as base for the water and add anchovy/garlic broth, soy sauce, pear juice and hot mustard sauce (its best to freeze for a couple of hours or more after making the water.) I use the dried chik noodles since I’m not making my own. I garnish with korean cucumber, egg, yul moo kimchi, parilla leaves, pear and sesame seeds. I also make the hot pepper sauce. It’s pretty much ginger, garlic, red pepper flake, soy sauce, scallion, sugar & honey. You need a food processor for this and it taste better overnight.

    It takes a lot of advanced planning since you need to make the mul kimchi and time so I only make about 4-6 times during the summer.

    If I don’t have time I go to pal park’s yun chun. Its sweeter than the way I make it and not as healthy but its really good in a different way. Sometimes my husband and I go 3 times in one week and we live in NY.

  • *drools*

    i think i like the mool nengmyun better..
    dang…im hungry now.


  • I love bibim nengmyun.

  • not cooking lately? :)

  • MOOL!!  hands down!!

  • It’s hot today, and it’s been for a week now… and MAN! does that look good right now!

  • I have never tried either dish, but will the next time i go to a korean restuarant… I love eating kalbi…and kimchee…but want to expand my horizons in korean food.

  • if you are from new york you need to try 149place and like sanford ave in flushing. Right next to the murray hill lirr station! their mool neng myun is really really good

  • love your site by the way

  • I like mool nengmyun on hot days… with galbi if if for dinner.

  • Mool neng myun all the way :]

  • mulnaengmyun gets so bland after a while…

  • I went to Yu Chun prior to reading your entry and had the mool nengmyun. Mine came out extra slushy and spicy. It was so slushy even the pears were frozen! And I love their yooksoo.

  • Thank you for this site! I just made your recipe for kimchi jjigae for my parents and I (we’re American) and we loved it. I’ve had Korean food before, either at church or out with friends at college, but my parents haven’t, so it was fun to get to show (make) them good Korean food. Thanks so much.

  • wow, you must love cooking!!! hope you dun mind me subscribing to you. i know someone who loves eating, perhaps i can some dish for her in the future using your recipe, thnx!

  • i like mool better than bibim…but better than both is bibim GOOKSOO. it’s with the white noodles. :D
    cold soba noodles are also yummy!

  • request: can you post a recipe for tangsuyuk please?? thank you!

  • I love your xanga.  Now I’m hungry~!

  • I prefer the bibim nangmyun.

    Do you have a recipe for perilla leaves? I don’t know what the Korean word for them is. I have seen and eaten the canned ones and ick, they are not so good. A good Korean friend who was studying in the states made some for me, but she didn’t tell me how to make them before she left for Korea. I have guessed and made something similar, but they are just not as good as hers were.

  • do u have any fish joh-rheem recipes?

  • wow, you’re awesome. my friend and roommate just showed me this site and he cooked some bomb kimchi jigae for our house. our house smells like a king’s palace now, thanks to your wonderful recipes!

    i’m not Korean, but I really really really really love Korean food.

  • I’ve never had either but it looks good!

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