March 10, 2008

  • LA – Here I Come!

    I wish I could retire from weddingbee and focus all my energy on this blog (yes I’m serious!). One day soon I hope!

    Anyway I haven’t been to LA in awhile, my aunt is visiting from Korea, and it’s my mom’s birthday, so I’m headed to LA next week!

    My appetite has been horrible lately, so I can’t wait for some good ol’ Korean home cooking!  When it comes to food, I’m totally an LA girl at heart!  They have the best Korean food of course, but also the best ethnic food around - from Mexican to Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, etc.  New York just can’t compete!

    My parents always ask what I want to eat (for Korean parents, feeding = showing love).  So I’m making a list – I only have 5 days, but I’m going to try my best to eat everything on this list! 

    • kong gooksoo

    • mool nengmyun

    • bibim nengmyun

    • ojinguh bokkeum (no one makes it spicy enough for me except my mom!)

    • ggotgae (crab) jjigae

    • al (fish roe) jjigae (I love seafood and fish but never cook it myself)

    • uni (I don’t like that much sushi but I love uni!)

    • soondubu

    • chung gook jang (soy bean paste stew… only for the true ajummahs)

    • paht bingsoo

    • dweji kimchi jjigae (my favorite food – always taste better when someone else cooks it for you)

    • jjajjangmyun/jjambbong

    • my dad’s roast beef

    • my dad’s homemade chicken soup

    • dungeness crab

    • carne asada tacos (you can’t get good Mexican in New York)

    • backyard bbq – steak, galbi, ribs, hot dogs, samgyupsal

    What else would you add to this list?

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