March 29, 2008

  • Food, Glorious Food!

    I don’t really check this xanga and have email alerts turned off, so if you want to get in touch with me, please contact me through my personal blog.  Thanks!


    I’m back from my 5 days in LA!  The time just flew by because I was so busy taking care of my parents’ sick pets and running errands.  I didn’t really have an appetite unfortunately because I was so stressed out, but my parents still managed to get me to eat a decent amount.  If I ate as much as they wanted me to, there would be twice as many pics!

    March 2008 039edit.jpgMarch 2008 027edit.jpgMarch 2008 056edit.jpg
    1 & 2) fresh fruit from the local farmer’s market 3) roasted sweet potato

    March 2008 043edit.jpgMarch 2008 047edit.jpg
    1) kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) with pork 2) chung gook jang (soy bean stew) with beef

    March 2008 044edity.jpgMarch 2008 045edit.jpgMarch 2008 046edit.jpg
    1) ggeneep (perilla leaves) from Korea, 2) moo mallengee (dried, seasoned radish) from Korea 3) chonggak kimchi
    of course everything is on Corelle dishes which every Korean family owns…

    March 2008 048edit.jpgMarch 2008 049edit.jpgMarch 2008 050edit.jpg
    1) kimchi 2) mool kimchi, 3) she-geum-chi moochim (seasoned spinach)

    March 2008 051edit.jpgMarch 2008 110edit.jpg
    1) kong gooksoo (soybean broth noodles) 2) ggori gomtang (oxtail soup)

    March 2008 059edit.jpg
    our backyard (my dad built and planted everything himself)

    March 2008 061edit.jpg
    koi pond and waterfall

    March 2008 099edit.jpg
    My dad and uncle enjoying bbq and soju inside the hut.  My dad is the one sporting the BYC nan-neeng-goo (wifebeater).

    March 2008 028edit
    Peppers drying on the hut roof.

    March 2008 063.jpgMarch 2008 076.jpgMarch 2008 108.jpg
    Some flowers and plants in the backyard…

    March 2008 077editMarch 2008 096edit.jpg
    Dweji galbi (spicy marinated pork ribs) and galbi (marinated beef spareribs) grilled on aluminum foil straight up Korean style.

    March 2008 097edit.jpgMarch 2008 091edit.jpg
    1) my homemade carne asada tacos & hot sauce 2) raw garlic (which I ate a ton of since Mr. Bee didn’t come with me!)

    March 2008 095edit.jpgMarch 2008 106edit.jpg
    1) ddukboki (spicy rice cake) 2) ojinguh (dried squid) from Busan, Korea (as fresh as it gets!)

    March 2008 033edit.jpgMarch 2008 036edit.jpg
    The main course: jindos.

    March 2008 117edit.jpgMarch 2008 139edit.jpg
    Jack (the black one) is Coco’s dad.  They’re truly inseparable and are such smart, good dogs.  I miss them already!

    March 2008 124edit.jpgMarch 2008 122edit.jpg
    1) junbok jook (ababalone porridge) 2) t-bone steak & baked potato w/ A1 & soy sauce w/ gochugaroo (red pepper flakes) as dipping sauces

    March 2008 138edit.jpgMarch 2008 141edit.jpg
    1) diy california rolls w/ miso soup 2) ee myun soo (fish)

    March 2008 143.jpgMarch 2008 144.jpgMarch 2008 146.jpg
    1) seaweed from Korea 2) live octopus 3) haesam (sea cucumber)
    ps – I didn’t eat the octopus or sea cucumber.

    video of the live octopus (it moves), plus al jjigae (fish roe soup) and soondubu (tofu stew)

    Everything above was homemade… this is some food I ate out…

    March 2008 109edit.jpgMarch 2008 125edit.jpg
    1) Mongolian bbq 2) mool nengmyun

    March 2008 132edit.jpgMarch 2008 134edit.jpg
    1) crab fried rice 2) papaya salad

    March 2008 135edit.jpg
    ce fiore yogurt with mochi, strawberry & kiwi (similar to pinkberry)

    March 2008 149edit
    And dun dun dun…. the dreaded boyak. I have to take this for a month for my many ailments.


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